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Pomegranate Oil Body Lotion

Pomegranate Oil Body Lotion 36601

Leave your bathroom looking like a goddess
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Content: 250 ml (€7.12 / 100 ml)

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Do you want to experience a light Mediterranean breeze, a delicate scent, and incredibly soft skin after your water treatments? You can experience the feeling of a true goddess thanks to the body lotion from the luxury Cyprida line.

The body lotion with oil from juicy pomegranate, D-panthenol, and beeswax will restore the softness of your skin. It is ideal for everyday use in care for skin of any type, including very dry and exhausted skin.

Thanks to its light structure, fast absorption, and rare active ingredients, the body lotion ensures that your skin is hydrated, regenerated, and softer every day. It increases its elasticity, prevents peeling, and improves the condition of the epidermis after excessive exposure to sunlight.

Give your skin limitless beauty and a feeling of true comfort.


Apply to the clean skin of the body with a circular motion. For the best results, apply the product after bathing. The product is suitable for everyday use.

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