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Double-sided Lip Crayon «Alizarine Sangri» 80910

Double line of seduction!
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Love make-up experiments? With the help of these new double-sided Lip Crayons from TianDe, you can be different every day!

Choose what’s more to your liking – soft pastel colors or more intensive “femme-fatale” shades? With the help of the bold Alizarine_Sangria crayon, you can create a stylish ombre effect, add a special touch to your evening make-up, and create highlights.

The Pink_Beige Rose shades are perfect for natural-looking daytime make-up.

Double-sided crayons from TianDe mean rich color and easy application.

The natural components in the crayons’ composition care for the delicate skin of your lips, while the long-wear formula won’t let your lines “run.”


Sharpen the crayon using the special sharpener, trace the contour of your lips and fill in with your favorite shade of lipstick.

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